Canadian Songwriter, Performer and Audio Professional; living an exciting story in Asia.



It started with a band; and became a career.

Always learning; there’s always another aspect I don’t understand. But that’s just part of life, right?

I manage events for corporate, profit and non-profit organizations, engineer live sound, dabble in recording… sometimes even lighting. I buy, I sell; I source-out and find the best stuff I can in asia. I use it, and if I like it, sometimes I recommend it.

It all started with a company called Black Media; representing bands as an artist agency. Soon, we got into doing our own production, then recording, booking & tour management and forward into equipment sales & integration.

Lately, amidst the busy-ness of life, I haven’t done much writing. I haven’t sung many songs, or performed on big stages. But I’ll get back to that soon. Polymath is a project I started to represent my solo music career. In 2009, I moved to China. Over there, I quickly found myself playing an array of larger-than-anything-I’d-played-before concerts. It was exciting, keeping members proved tough.

That story is not over. Polymath will continue. For now, you can check out the music I recorded back then, on Purevolume.