Canadian Songwriter, Performer and Audio Professional; living an exciting story in Asia.


We’re safe in KM. I woke up pretty early this morning. We have to go buy food for our apartment, but it’s raining.

Wedding Ceremony in Canada:

There once was a man named Alex, a tall Canadian dreamboat with an oversized nose and rockstar hair. He found himself in the distant land of Kunming, China in pursuit of his dreams, searching for his story. One day, Alex found what he was least expecting: A beautiful Chinese girl with cartoon eyes named GuoZhe (or Suki). Imagine his surprise when he found out that Suki had a thing for oversized noses! Together, the lovebirds raced around Kunming, watched movies, got lost in love. It was on a visit back to Canada that Alex realized what his dream had been all along! He returned to China with a ring and gave his story an unexpected twist: On July 13th, 2011, he looked into those big cartoon eyes and asked Suki to marry him. Suki said “Yes!” Yes to Alex’s crazy hair and yes to a new life together.

What happened next?

They started planning this awesome wedding and they want YOU to come!

I took Suki to work on the far end of the city, this morning. So today, this will be my office.

Last week, the clutch cable on my motorcycle was cut while in the basement of my apartment complex. Here’s what followed…


I’ve spent the last little while finding a house, preparing to move, and hulling an enormous amount of stuff to my new apartment ( how do I have so much stuff?! )

Finally, at last, I’m sitting in my new office relaxing and catching up on email, Facebook and all the stuff between. The place isn’t nearly setup yet, but I have my studio monitors on the desk, with the desk situated approximately 3 feet from the walls. I have no stove, a leaking water pipe and a crap load of boxes to unpack… but I finally have usable desk space again!