Canadian Songwriter, Performer and Audio Professional; living an exciting story in Asia.



We arrived in Kolkata late last night; judging by that airport, you’d think the world as we know it had ended. It’s far from the modern ‘One World’ that America, China, Canada and most countries have become. I felt very uncomfortable sitting in this terminal, late at night, with a cart full of suitcases too many insects and bottle of clean water, which we aquired at the airport, in China. It’s funny how It’s come to trusting water from China in a situation like this. I’ve heard so many horror stories about the water here… But the more I think about it, China’s water is not much better. Perhaps their supply of clean water is more common, and less questionable. Then again, maybe it’s only that I feel at home there now.

In any case, the expensive hotel (Sahara Star) we’re staying at is well worth it; for the oasis that it is. “An oasis in the concrete city of Mumbai”, as it’s written on the advertisement.