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Copies of Kalmark Machines in China

Well, it’s finally happened. One could say it was inevitable; the KALMARK Interlock Armouring Machines have been copied by Chinese Copy-masters… one of them being a state-owned organization.

I actually laughed out loud as I read over an email from Leon, a company employee, in China. The copy-machine’s model number is, LK###00

No less the designers initials…. intentional or not. Louis Kalmar, is President of KALMARK, and engineer behind the famous-in-China, Interlock Armouring Machine. The fact that the machine-designers initials are embedded in it’s model number is either fully intentional, or extremely ironic.

Last week, the clutch cable on my motorcycle was cut while in the basement of my apartment complex. Here’s what followed…


I’ve spent the last little while finding a house, preparing to move, and hulling an enormous amount of stuff to my new apartment ( how do I have so much stuff?! )

Finally, at last, I’m sitting in my new office relaxing and catching up on email, Facebook and all the stuff between. The place isn’t nearly setup yet, but I have my studio monitors on the desk, with the desk situated approximately 3 feet from the walls. I have no stove, a leaking water pipe and a crap load of boxes to unpack… but I finally have usable desk space again!

Exaggerations of China

To Abe Sauer and other writers I have no respect for,

It makes me angry when I read articles about China, written by people who really don’t know what they’re talking about. Recently in the news, there’ve been many stories about fake Apple stores and other fake products specifically in Kunming. The people writing these articles really have no idea. I live in Kunming… I’ve seen the stores. They’re not ripoffs, they’re just stores. The Apple product’s, but they exist because there are no official Apple stores.

And then there’s the case of the fake IKEA. It’s actually pretty cool. It looks exactly like IKEA. But it’s the only place to buy good furniture in all of Kunming. There is no IKEA.

So before you start criticizing something you know nothing about, take my word for it, there’s a lot more to it than what you’ve heard.


Sometimes we become slaves by our own doing. Such as addictions or dept, but how does such a large population become slaves to an individual, or an ideology?

People were never meant to be slaves. We should be free thinking, free to work and make a living; all within reason. Of course, it’s important that a person understands they must work hard to survive, but when people become mechanical, controlled, mindless without thoughts of their own, it scares me.